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About Us

SEM-N-SEO provides outstanding services in Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Advertising, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Advertising, PPC Advertising Services and Website Designing Solutions. The company will thrive to satisfy the requisite of the clients in an efficient and effective manner. The entire process would be on cost-effective manner and maximization of clients ROI. The main focus of the company is to strive for quality and not for quantity to show off. We are very flexible, self sufficient and focused on providing quality traffic to the customers.

SEM-N-SEO also provides outsourcing services such as SEM Outsourcing, SEO Outsourcing and PPC Advertising for those companies who need quality SEM/SEO services at an affordable cost.

SEM Advertising / SEO Advertising Process

The SEM Advertising or SEO Advertising process is started after a complete analysis of the clients needs, business logic of the clients, project initiation methods, finding the correct search engine to kick-start the project, the strategy to be followed to enhance the performance of the campaign. The company also provides various types of reports to the clients and also updates the clients constantly regarding the current process or the current status of the campaigns. The company will have frequent interaction with the clients for getting feedbacks or any comments from the clients.

Featured Services

Web Design & Development Services

SEM-N-SEO designs and develops website that work. We have the proven experience and expertise in providing total website designing solutions that succeeds by bringing in enquiries to you via online. We firmly believe that website should always be a lead generation tool and we take utmost care to achieve this using our custom website designing solutions.

SEM-N-SEO provides world class web development services for clients at an affodable cost. Our web developers have the expertise to deliver a well planned and executed development Solution for client’s business. Our Web Developers also have the ability to improve your existing website to ensure a successful online business application.

PPC Advertising Services

Business takes different kinds of severe measures when it comes to advertising their products and services. One of the reasons that these measures are undertaken by the people are because of high rates of placing ads on print and on television. However with the internet gaining a very important place in the marketing business, people can place the advertisements through Internet Marketing.

SEO & SEM Advertising Services

SEM Advertising services is a combination of Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Search engine marketing (SEM) process empowers the website to generate more traffic, converts visitors to clients, brand exposure, cost per client acquisition, improves competitive edge, increases Return on Investment (ROI), expands customer base and target audience etc.

SEO Advertising is used to effectively increase the website rankings in organic listings through various white hat techniques. Increase in website rankings in organic results leads to increase in new visitors or traffic to the website, which will result in expansion of the client’s business.